100 Best things to do in Texas

Texans believe their state is the best in the whole country.

In fact, they look on Texas as their own country, and are very proud of it! Whatever your opinion on this, you will agree that Texas has a huge amount to offer tourists. Ranging from outdoor activities, to restaurants and bars – and everything in between – there is something here for every holidaymaker. 


1. The Texas State Capitol

 This magnificent building was completed in 1888, in downtown Austin. As well as housing the offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature, it also houses the Office of the Governor.
True to Texan style the building is 302.64 feet high, the 6th tallest state capitol and taller than the US Capitol in Washington DC.
If there are special exhibits on display you may have to stand in line to enter, but mostly you will not have to wait to see inside. 


2. The Space Centre, Houston

 This is not only the leading science and space centre, but also to official visitor centre of NASA Johnson Space Centre.
It is home of Mission control and astronaut training. The centre was opened in 19921 and is one of the most visited attractions in the state.
There are over 400 permanent exhibits, with attractions, live shows, and theatres. Plan to spend the full day here. There is a café where you can get lunch. 


3. Padre Island

 This is the largest of the Texas barrier islands. It is also the largest barrier island in the world. You will find it along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. You will know it by the pure white beaches at the south end.
The island is easily accessible by car, and there are several airports you can fly into, then rent a car.
There is a town on south padre island although it is sparsely populated, so if you choose to camp there, be sure to take provisions. 

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By J Rogers

Wendy Williams, B. Scott, Cease and Desist, Letter, retraction, pregnant

B. Scott Responds to Wendy Williams' Cease and Desist Letter

+ Spills Even MORE Tea

You love muffins have probably heard by now that Wendy Williams is NOT happy with

After we spilled piping hot tea about her friends’ concerns regarding her health as well as mentioning that her husband Kevin may have gotten his mistress pregnant, Wendy’s lawyer fired off a not-so-nice cease and desist letter (with typos) demanding a retraction.


In the latest episode of ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast, B. Scott fires back at Wendy’s letter and shares more about the first time they met. B. Scott and Denver also get into what happened that night got those exclusive photos of Trey Songz and Lori Harvey in the club.

You can listen to ‘The B. Scott Show’ via  iTunesGoogle Play, or Stitcher.

By LoveBScott

police, mauling, dog, black man, blm, anger, angry, police officers, cops, law enforcement

Police Don't Stop Dog Mauling Cuffed Black Man

Bad Training Or Malicious Intent?

In the video, a man cuffed to the floor, not at all resisting, has a police dog buried into his arm as officers try and pry it off. It must have hurt like a mofo! People are shouting to get the dog off and all things considered, it seems like the police maybe were not working too hard to get that very well trained dog off. Watch the video below and then some thoughts below that… 


Now first off you have to wonder how a dog came to bite a cuffed man. They attack on command. Maybe the guy ran away after being cuffed? We don’t know what happened before this video started so can’t judge that too much. Second, sometimes dogs do go off on their own and it does seem that maybe the officer couldn’t get him to release with commands. 


And then you ask, why wasn’t the officer pulling harder. Well, when you pull harder the dogs (or so I have been told) are trained to dig in deeper. The dog was already pretty tight on that man’s arm and as you see when the officer pulls back the dog bites harder.

Honestly I don’t know what the issue was here. An out of control dog that should not have grabbed the man, poor training or malicious intent by the officers who wanted to hurt the man.

Do you have anymore insight on this?

 PUBLIC NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of eNDP Radio, Ransom Enterprises, affiliates or partners. 

By Forest Parks

andrew hawkins, new jersey, columbia university, sports management, usain bolt, nfl, masters degree

NFL Star Andrew Hawkins Graduates with 4.0 GPA and Masters

“I’m just as smart as I am quick.”

NFL Wide Receiver Andrew Hawkins has graduated from the Ivy League Columbia University with a masters degree in Sports Management, and a 4.0 GPA at aged 31 showing that it’s never too late to go back to school and that you can acheive whatever you set out to do!

He told the press, “Man, listen. I’m just as smart as I am quick. If you still have the stereotype of the unintelligent black male athlete in your mind, that’s on you. That’s your karma. I will put my math skills up against anyone. And you’re still not going to outrun me unless your name is Usain Bolt.”

After the graduation ceremony he headed straight off to NFL’s Broadcast Boot Camp at Mount Laurel in New Jersey, missing the commencement toasts!

 It never stops! Amazing inspiration! 

By Forest Parks

cardi b, offset, rap, migos, beef, married, cheating, cheater

Cardi B May Give Offset Another Chance

Cardi B might have been adamant that her and Offset were never getting back together.

However, it seems as though she is warming up to the idea of rekindling her romance with the Migos rapper. After the 26-year-old revealed to fans that she had grown out of love with her baby daddy, Offset has done everything in his power to win his wifey back. And it looks like his efforts are working, as a source told Hollywood Life that Cardi might reconsider getting back with her man. They said: ‘Cardi hasn’t completely forgiven and forgotten, but she was missing Offset like crazy so she’s giving him another chance.’


The source then continued to say how she has set out her stall and if he ‘messes up again,’ then she won’t take him back a second time. The insider added: ‘Offset has vowed he will never take Cardi for granted again, and he won’t even look at another woman, all he wants is her and Kulture. ‘For now Cardi is enjoying being wooed again and Offset is going all out to prove to her that she’s his queen, his everything.’ The rapper announced their split just months after welcoming their baby daughter Kulture into the world. In a video shared with her 36.5million followers, the Bodak Yellow songstress explained: ‘So everybody been bugging me and everything and you know I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now. ‘We are really good friends and we are really good business partners— you know he’s always somebody that I run to to talk to, and we got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time.

By Abigail Gillibrand

immature, ty dolla sign

Ty Dolla $ign Got His Start With Immature In The 90s

 #Roommates, here’s a fun #waybackwednesday fact! Did you know that Ty Dolla $ign got his start back in the day in the group Immature? (Now for all of our younger Roomies, Immature — later known as IMX— was the “it” group in the nineties! Marques “Batman” Houston, Romeo, and LDB give us hits and even introduced us to B2K!) 


In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1, Marques Houston revealed that Ty performed with the group, alongside Brandy and Ray J who were backup also singers.

“Ty Dolla $ign was in Immature’s band when we first started. Chris Stokes discovered Ty back in the day. I pulled up a clip of him in Immature on The Arsenio Hall Show. I was like, 9 years old and he was in the band,” he shared. “He had to be eight? Seven or eight. He’s like a year younger than me.”

“Ty was actually really, really musically inclined back then, because he would kind of help do some of the programming and stuff like that back then, when he was like real young. We were all impressed with his musical skill, being that young,” he added.

Who knew?!

By Myeisha

kevin durant

Kevin Durant Pays For Students First Year of College


While many fans are praising Kevin Durant for his efforts on the court during the NBA Finals. Many people are also recognizing him for the changes he is making in the community. 


According to Sports Illustrated, Durant has been mentoring students at the Boys & Girls Club in the Bay Area, and recently he gave four students a surprise of a lifetime by announcing he would pay for their first year of college.

The moment was captured in a short documentary produced by ESPN. Each of the four students were introduced as they spoke about their time being mentored by KD, and he also spoke about how the students impacted his life in return.

Durant said, “It’s something I always dreamt about, and I always wanted to be a part of something special outside of myself. So glad I could be able to help. It feels like I’m doing something good in the world when I help someone else out.”

Check out the documentary below:

colin kaepernick, ava duvernay

Ava DuVernay & Colin Kaepernick Team Up For A TV Series

 Award-winning filmmaker #AvaDuVernay and #ColinKaepernick are collaborating on a new TV series! According to @VanityFair, the series, which has yet to be named, will be a comedy with focus on different experiences the football player-turned-activist had during his high school years.  


DuVernay has always spoken highly of Kaepernick, and in an interview she did with @GQ last April, she said that she views him and his activism as art. 

“I see what he’s done as art,” DuVernay said. “I believe that art is seeing the world that doesn’t exist. You know a lot of people excel at creativity—making TV, movies, painting, writing books—but you can be an artist in your own life. Civil rights activists are artists. Athletes are artists. People who imagine something that is not there.”

By Talia O.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Husband Having A Child With Mistress

The former couple is still in the middle of a heated custody battle.

 Keshia Knight Pulliam's soon-to-be ex-husband, Ed Hartwell, isn't waiting until their divorce is finalized to move on with his love life. In fact, he's already impregnanted another woman who, according to the former child star, was his mistress. 


The woman in question is Hartwell's ex-fiancée, Tonya Carroll.

According to, Pulliam did an interview where she revealed that she had divorce papers drawn up and ready because she learned he had been cheating on her with Carroll. 


Pulliam and Hartwell's divorce is still ongoing which means they are still legally married.

Seemingly unbothered by this fact, Carroll has been taking to Instagram to share her baby news and tease her followers about the gender of her child with the former athlete. Take a look, below:


Meanwhile, Pulliam and Hartwell are currently in the midst of a nasty child support battle as she claims he owes her money for the care of thier daughter, Ella Grace

The site reports that Hartwell has only been to approximately 20 of his 80 visits to see the baby and has allegedly been "figuring out every way not to pay."

Written by Moriba Cummings


ice cube, cube vision

Ice Cube Thinks Drake’s Reign Is Over: ‘He Had A Good Run’

 Now that the #Drake and #PushaT drama has settled a little bit,  #IceCube has chimed in on Drake’s place in the industry. Based on what he’s witnessed firsthand with almost 30 years in the rap game, Ice Cube believes that Drake has reached his peak.  


“He had a good run,” Cube told @SanaGMorningShow. “You’ve only got a three year run in the rap game. You’ve only got three years at the tip top of the rap game before you have to find your place in this thing.”

He continued, “I don’t know if that did it,” said Cube. “I think your reign becomes over, and I think the audience has determined that.”

by Talia O.

tina brown, whitney houston, bobby brown, bobby christina

Bobby Brown’s Sister Regrets Whitney Houston’s Bathroom Pic

It’s no secret that Bobby Brown’s sister Tina Brown snapped a photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom and sold it to the “National Enquirer” back in 2006. Well, as most of you know that photo ended up on Pusha-T’s album and Tina wants everyone to know she had nothing to do with it and no longer owns the rights to the photo. She also regrets taking the disturbing photo to begin with.


The Blast spoke with Tina and she said “Kanye West did not purchase the picture from me or my son [Shayne Brown].”

She also opened up about why the photo was taken in the first place.

“During the time the picture was taken, in 2006, my sister Whitney and I were at a very low and self-destructive point in our lives, it was not only her mess, it was mine as well.” She continued, “Together, she and I decided to take the pictures in the bathroom and share with the world, the pain we were going through … it was a united cry for help.”

She’s adamant that the photo was “not at all a betrayal of one another,” which is a little hard to believe since she profited off of it. She’s decided to speak out because she wants to set the record straight that she didn’t make a dime off of the photo on Pusha-T’s “Daytona” album, which reportedly was licensed for a cool $85,000.

Many thought that Whitney was done with Tina after she sold the photo but Tina claims they remained close.

“Throughout that chaotic time and until her death, Whitney and I remained the best of friends and sisters.”

Givani Smith, NHL player for the Detroit Red Wings

Headline News

Black Hockey Player Needs Police Escort Because Of Racism At NHL Games


One of the few Black players in the National Hockey League has been dealing with so much racism that he needs a police escort, according to reports. Detroit Red Wings prospect Givani Smith has been dealing with racial taunts from the beginning of this season, the Waterloo Region Record reported last week.

With approximately 30 Black people among the nearly 700 players, diversity is probably the last thing the NHL, let alone ice hockey, is known for.

 SEE ALSO: Calls For Starbucks Boycott After The Company’s Weak Apology For A Racist Arrest 

 “It’s heartbreaking to be honest. He shouldn’t have to endure it,” Red Wings general manager Mike McKenzie told the Waterloo Region Record. “[Smith] did a good job of turning the other way. I think the unfortunate part — and it pains me to say this — is that he’s probably used to it by now. He’s probably heard things before, which is brutal.” 


Smith, 20, was suspended from an Ontario Hockey League playoff game last week “for giving the middle finger to the opposing bench, but before and after that incident he was subjected to racial slurs and threats, according to his team,” ESPN reported. Considering all of the savage violence in hockey, Smith’s suspension for flipping off an opposing player is questionable at best.

Giving the middle finger “sparked a series of racially charged comments on social media,” the Waterloo Region Record wrote. “One troglodyte reportedly sent a photo to Smith’s personal Facebook account with the caption reading ‘Hockey N***er and another sent a death threat.”

As a result, Smith required a police escort from the airport. He watched Monday’s Game 7 from the press box with a security guard outside of his door, all because of racist hockey fans.

Sadly, this is nothing new. Devante Smith-Pelly of the Washington Capitals dealt with racial taunts earlier this year and Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers has been open about racism on the ice. Hopefully, the NHL and the Ontario Hockey League can find better ways to handle racism — instead of suspending a Black player who had a human reaction  to being called the N-word while on the ice.

But Givani Smith was suspended for giving the middle finger.

 Written By Parker Riley


Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Entertainment News

Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith once seemed to be a promising actor, but something happened along his road to fame to cause him to disappear from the spotlight. While children of Hollywood stars often find it difficult to step out of the shadows cast by their famous folks, Jaden has been doing everything in his power to create his very own shadow since the moment he was old enough to perform. The charismatic fashionisto and his younger sister, Willow, were both homeschooled by their actor parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, who promoted total freedom of expression (probably a little too much freedom, Will later admitted) and encouraged their kids to find their inner artists. Jaden would later follow in his father's acting footsteps after the pair starred alongside one another in the 2006 biographical drama The Pursuit of Happyness, making a ton of cash for Sony and pleasing the majority of movie critics. But things didn't really pan out too well in the long run.

As Jaden grew from a young boy to a young man, his relationship with Tinseltown began to sour. The early box office promise he'd shown (2010's Karate Kid remake also made a killing) all but vanished with one giant misstep in 2013, and the actor/rapper/philosopher has been distancing himself from the entertainment industry ever since. Here's why it feels like Hollywood won't cast Jaden Smith anymore.

The aforementioned giant misstep was the notorious After Earth. Even if you've never seen it, chances are you've heard of it — the disastrous sci-fi blockbuster starring Will and Jaden Smith as father and son cost $130 million to make but only returned $60 million domestically. This M. Night Shyamalan-directed mega-flop was torn to shreds by reviewers, only managing a rather embarrassing 11 percent Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

"That was the most painful failure in my career," Will said about the much-maligned movie during an interview with Esquire, revealing that it stung much worse than his infamous bomb from 1999, Wild Wild West. "Wild Wild West was less painful than After Earth because my son was involved in After Earth, and I led him into it," he explained. "That was excruciating." 

Both Will and Jaden were popular at the Razzies the following year; the younger Smith was named worst actor, while his old man came out on top in the worst supporting actor category.

In 2014, hacker group Guardians of Peace stole a bunch of sensitive information from Sony Pictures' computers and wiped the studio's hard drives for good measure. U.S. investigators pointed the finger at North Korea, suggesting the country was supposedly furious that the studio was going to release The Interview, a comedy about a fictional attempt to assassinate the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Included in the hackers' data haul were private emails among executives.

Most of the headlines were about Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio (just two of the many high profile stars that Sony execs had been bashing in private,) but Will Smith's kids also came up in conversation. According to Us Weekly, TriStar executive Tom Rothman emailed former Sony head Amy Pascal a link to an interview that the Smith children did with T magazine, along with the message, "1. Read this, 2. they r home schooled: don't let this family date your movies!!!"

In the aforementioned magazine interview, Jaden came out with some stuff that made him a target of ridicule both in Hollywood and online. "Your mind has a duality to it, so when one thought goes into your mind, it's not just one thought, it has to bounce off both hemispheres of the brain," he said, for example. "When you're thinking about something happy, you're thinking about something sad. When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple." 

Okay, maybe not every young person talks philosophy, but clearly his chatter had turned off some Hollywood bigwigs.

If you thought the whole "opposite of an apple" thing made Jaden sound, um, unique, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The confident youngster also bragged about his grasp of time in that now-infamous 2014 T magazine interview, claiming he had the ability to manipulate it. 

"It's proven that how time moves for you depends on where you are in the universe," he said. "It's relative to beings and other places. But on the level of being here on earth, if you are aware in a moment, one second can last a year. And if you are unaware, your whole childhood, your whole life can pass by in six seconds." Jaden was 16 at the time.

He continued to give a number of unconventional interviews over the next few years, each one as original as the last. In 2015, he told GQ that he had built his own pyramid from scratch. "The tip is missing, but the whole structural thing is built, and it sits at 12.5 feet tall," he said. "I'll Instagram a picture of it once this comes out, so people know what I'm talking about." The following year, Jaden told musician Pharrell Williams that "nothing is real" during their chat for Interview magazine.

After the crushing disappointment that was After Earth, Jaden Smith's movie career seemed to be over before it had really even begun. It would be three years before he acted again, and his return in the 2016 TV movie Brothers in Atlanta was hardly met with fanfare. Why did he wait so long to come back? Well, in his time away, Jaden and his sister apparently became more interested in the pursuit of scientific knowledge than they were in making movies.

"Me and Willow are scientists," he told GQ. "So everything for us is a scientific test upon humanity." Jaden revealed that he and his sibling had started an initiative called Mystery School, inspired by the selective systems of education employed in ancient Egypt and Greece. "Plato, Pythagoras, all these students had mystery schools. And what they learned in there was sacred. Like, you couldn't say the word 'dodecahedron,' which is just a shape, outside of one of the mystery schools or they would, like, kill you or whatever. Because it was such a sacred shape."

Jaden even compared himself to scientific pioneer Galileo. "People think you're crazy — I feel like it's an honor, actually, for people to think I'm crazy. Because they thought Galileo was crazy, too, you know what I'm saying? I don't think I'm as revolutionary as Galileo, but I don't think I'm not as revolutionary as Galileo."

If there's one thing we've learned about Jaden Smith so far, it's that he clearly thinks very highly of himself. He once referred to himself as "the future of music, photography and filmmaking" in a tweet, a claim that angered a number of journalists in these fields. 

Writing for the New York Post, Kyle Smith was one of the many commentators who weighed in on Jaden's robust self-esteem. "Whoa, kid — why not worry about walking the dog and taking your SATs before you do all that?" he said. "Jaden's primary activity these days seems to be trying to be the black Boy George, minus the talent."


headline news

top news stories

Written By: Phil Archbold


Michael Strahan, formerly of Live! with Kelly and Michael for Good Morning America(GMA)

Entertainment News

The truth behind Michael Strahan's exit from Live!

Michael Strahan sent everyone's jaws to the floor when he announced in April 2016 that he was leaving the daytime talk show Live! with Kelly and Michael for Good Morning America. News of his departure launched one of the biggest scandals daytime television had seen in years. How did it all go down? And what kind of mess did it create? We've got the scoop.

If anyone is to be blamed for the dramatic way Strahan's exit played out, it's probably ABC's parent company, Disney. According to TMZ, Ripa was informed that Strahan was leaving Live! around 10:30 a.m. on April 19, 2016 — just as Disney was about to make the announcement to the press. 

TMZ claims Disney CEO Bob Iger actually ordered Strahan not to say anything about his exit, and Iger reportedly didn't even give Ripa a courtesy phone call about it. Strahan supposedly wanted to "do the right thing" by telling Ripa himself, according to a source for People. "It was important to him. He wanted to tell her in person and give her months notice," the source said.

Almost immediately after Strahan's exit went public, word got out that Ripa felt blindsided by Strahan and Disney over the way they delivered the news to her. TMZ said she felt particularly disrespected by Disney, which wouldn't be surprising, given that she's spent the last 15 years co-hosting Live!. Even worse, Ripa reportedly felt personally stabbed in the back by Strahan for not giving her a heads up.

She chose not to show up to work the following day, leaving Strahan to address his exit alongside his last-minute replacement, Ana Gasteyer. Ripa reportedly maintained radio silence until April 22, 2016, when she sent an email to staffers saying she'd return to work April 26, 2016, following her pre-scheduled vacation to celebrate her 20th anniversary. Suddenly, her return became appointment television.

While all of the drama was unfolding backstage, multiple reports leaked to the press alleging Ripa and Strahan didn't get along. 

According to TMZ, Ripa allegedly bullied Strahan and was jealous of all the attention he had received since joining Live! in 2012. As for Strahan, TMZ claimed he was "at war" with the show's executive producer for the first year and "made things uncomfortable for everyone." Sources also suggested Strahan was not "present enough" on Live! because of his part-time duties with GMA.

TMZ sources said Ripa "made it clear she'd be a happy camper" if Strahan left the show before his originally scheduled departure in September 2016. Both co-hosts were reportedly very uncomfortable sitting next to each other and putting on happy faces amid the drama.

When Ripa made her dramatic return to Live! on April 26, 2016, she immediately began explaining her side of the story. "I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts [on the situation]. After 26 years with this company, I earned the right, " she said at the start of the show. "What transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary, in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication, and consideration, and most importantly, respect in the workplace."

According to TMZ, Ripa's decision to return to Live! came only after a "tough talk" with Disney. Amid news of Strahan's exit, reports circulated that Disney was actually considering adding a third hour to Good Morning America, which would have kicked Live! out of its longstanding 9 a.m. time slot. Ripa reportedly wanted assurance from Disney that none of that would happen. If her speech was any indication, she got it. 

"The best thing to come out of all of this … is that our parent company has assured me that Live! is a priority," she said. "There is a commitment to this show, and the people who work here and, most importantly, to you, the viewers who have watched us every day for 30 years."

With Ripa firmly back in her chair, one thing quickly became clear: between her highly publicized absence and rumors of backstage feuding, there was no way Strahan was going to stay on Live! until September 2016. In fact, the only surprising thing was how quickly ABC confirmed the speculation. 

Mere hours after Ripa's return episode aired, ABC issued a statement to People anouncing that "Michael's last day on Live! will be [May 13, 2016] which not only gives the show the chance to have a nice send-off for him during the May book, but to also immediately begin the on-air search for a new co-host."

Although some might argue this decision meant that Ripa "got her way" with ABC, she still managed to make Strahan's final weeks on the show extremely awkward, to say the least. In one episode later that week, Ripa made a thorny joke about contract negotiations. The following day, she brought up Strahan's highly publicized divorces, much to his uncomfortable surprise. 

She did manage to pull it together to wish Strahan a fond farewell on his last day. "We are so, so proud of you," she said. "We achieved so much together and I look forward to watching you every morning and seeing what else you achieve."

Amid reports that Strahan's presence at Live! had been wiped clean less than 24 hours after his departure, the show went straight to work to see if it could find a formidable replacement. Thus began a seemingly endless amount of speculation as to who might land the coveted gig. 

Reports ranged from the obvious (Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, both of whom are close friends of Ripa's) to the inspired (Rob Lowe, who's guest-hosted before) to the downright bizarre (Fred Savage, anyone?) With so many names being floated around, many expected Live! to reach a decision by the time its new season premiered in September 2016. 

That didn't happen. 

In April 2016, Ripa told her millions of viewers that Disney promised to make Live! a priority in the months ahead. According to Page Six, the company delivered on its word by promoting Ripa to executive producer of the show. To sweeten the deal, Page Six said "Disney boss Bob Iger personally stepped in to smooth things over with Ripa when she got the new title." A source for People backed up the story, but downplayed its significance. "Honestly that happened a long time ago," the source said. "Kelly just never announced it."

Meanwhile, reports from earlier in the summer alleged Ripa had begun to rule Live! with an iron fist to prevent another Strahan fiasco. "From the bookings to the comedy bits…It all has to be approved or suggested by Kelly," a source told Page Six. "They are now calling her 'Queen Kelly' [backstage]. It's like her royal court." A rep for the show dismissed the rumors, claiming, "The hosts of Live! always have had major input with regard to the production of the show. This report is completely false."

Page Six claimed the staff of Live! had to work extra hard over the summer to make up for Strahan's absence. "The team had fewer days off this summer than they usually do," a production source said. 

Written By: Andy Scott